Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Technique Tuesday - Perfectly Pleated Ribbon

Hello everyone,

One of my favourite ribbon techniques is to create a simple box style pleat.  It adds a lot of interest, texture and dimension to a project and is really simple to achieve.  While it looks great in a straight line, it is also ideal for framing images or elements of all shapes and sizes as the pleating allows the ribbon to easily follow curves.  Here, I show you a fail-proof technique for creating a perfect no-sew box pleat.

For this particular project, the ribbon placement is at the bottom of a card.  To ensure the ribbon lined up perfectly at the bottom, I measured the width of the ribbon and traced a line this same height from the bottom of the card.  Before starting, make sure you have a length of ribbon at least three times longer than the length you wish to cover.

Next, mark your pleat increments along this line.  Decide on the width of pleat you would like.  This example uses a half inch pleat.  The first and last increments should be half of this width - a quarter inch in this example.  Clicking on the photo will enlarge it to get a better view.

Next, place a strong double sided adhesive (such as score tape or wonder tape) along the bottom of your line.

Peel back the protective strip from your adhesive up to your first increment marker - 1/4" in from the edge in this example.  Line up your ribbon and press it down firmly.  Bend it back on itself to create a soft pleat and to prevent it from sticking where it shouldn't in the next step.

Pull the protective strip from your adhesive back up to your next increment marker.  At this point, you will require some type of 'spacer' for your ribbon that matches the width of your pleats.  I like to use a strip of acetate because it does not bend and is easy to remove from the adhesive.  Place it perpendicular to your surface on the first mark, wrap your ribbon snuggly over it and then press it down into the exposed adhesive as shown.

Repeat this last step for each mark you've made along the line -

until you reach the end.  Lay ribbon flat and trim excess.

Finally, press down each pleat and secure with more strong adhesive.  This step can be done one pleat at a time as shown (easier) or in one step with one long piece of adhesive (more difficult).

Place your image or paper to cover the top of the pleat and you are done!  For a crisper or boxier looking pleat, simply iron it down.  Use low heat for synthetic ribbon and a medium heat for cotton or natural fibre ribbon.

Thanks so much for stopping by & happy crafting!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Quick Tips for your Quick Book

This week, I'm totally cheating as this isn't my design but it was so much FUN and such an inspirational project that I wanted to share. When it comes to Pocket Scrapbooking, there are so many different ways to approach this concept but the two most common approaches are 'simple' -just add pictures and journal cards and then there is the 'step it up simple' -where creative moments are added.

Sue Kendall is a designer and educator with Simple Stories and it's her little album that we made. Sue's album design definitely steps it up but it's still a 23 page album that can be done in half a day.

Here are a few tips that she gave us that I would like to share:

Hard to tell in the picture but a simple popped center on the cover page has a lot of impact!

Take a journal page and fold it at the 3" mark. 

Take three 3x4 journal cards and scor them horizontally 1/4" down from the 
top and add in a layered style on the other side of your folded page.

Turn a 4x6 card into a flip-up. Add tabs as in the bottom right of this flip-up 
and the top right of the page' One is a sticker tab and the other is two identical elements 
cut out from one of my journal cards and adhered back to back on my page.

That is a 2" hole cut in the lower right corner!

I also LOVE how we cut the pages down and created this step down look with our page layers.

The flip-its were a favorite with everyone.

Even the simplest album can have a few of these Photo-Flips added. These are a great way 
to add the journaling or just to add a few more pictures to complete the story.

Hope you try some of these tips on your next mini album or just incorporate some of the ideas into any album.

We were actually so inspired and loved the project that all four of us that were together finished our albums the next day. Thank You Jodie and Sue for the wonderful project!
Have a Great Week,

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wild Wednesday - Great Catch & Feature Item

Hello everyone,

Even though it doesn't feel like it, summer will be here soon, and like many of you, this little bunny will be hitting the diamonds!  This cute image would make a perfect embellishment for scrapbooking those ballpark memories.  He is also fantastic for those difficult male cards. 

The shape was inspired by the image, and even though the overall design is clean and simple, the stitching adds a lot of impact.  The easel is held up with Thickers. 

The image was stamped twice; once on the base and once on watercolour card for colouring.  This way, none of the detail is lost with fussy cutting.

Thanks so much for reading & happy crafting!



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