Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crafters Home - 'Aspen'

I am wild about this
12" x 12" Aspen Mask

Here is a quick walk through of how I used it 
I first placed  the stencil on a 12x12
sheet of White Bazzill Card stock
Clip at least 2 corners to hold your stencil in place
I chose a color pallet based on the colors
of my photos, for this you will want water
soluble inks Distress Inks work wonderfully
Using my Distressing Tool, I started with the lightest
color Distress ink and worked it loosely into the
stencil protected paper. When I was happy with the
shades, I used my mini mister and spritzed it lightly with water,
 then immediately wiped the excess moisture off.
Remember we are building a background.

Next take a non water soluble black pen and outline only
one side of your trees and underside or shadow side of branches.
Fill in some of the thinner horizontal lines on your
stencil with the pen as well.
I used a silver pencil crayon to outline the other side and
the tops of branches. I did this to show the illusion of light
hitting the top of the branches, it also adds dimension.

Next take a small sponge and fill in the
remaining horizontal lines with Soot Black
Remove the stencil and shadow the side
of your tree that you used the black pen on.
To see the finished Lay out visit me HERE

There you have it, you have created a forest!!
This method would work wonderfully with
these stencils as well

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